No Limits

Code when Necessary

Break free from rigid no-code platforms, embrace limitless extensibility.

Code Customisation

A tool for your diverse development team! Develop in multiple languages, interchange functions through our API for quick blue/green deployments. Create scalable, multi-tier applications with ease. Supported languages include Nodejs, Java, C#, PHP, Python, and Go with more to be added over time

Code Transparency

Peace of mind starts with transparency. Easily validate that your code is secure, devoid of unnecessary bloat, elegantly crafted, and free from any potential threats to your data privacy. Build robust, reliable, privacy-conscious applications. Applications are built to the highest standards - by default.

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Autocode Generation

Maximize productivity with Auto Code Generation. Reduce tedious coding and let us generate and insert code for elements like Swagger APIs, Svelte components, and GraphQL boilerplate. Focus on the critical aspects of your project.

Function Factory

Write serverless functions directly in your browser. Eliminate spin-up time, boost productivity, and iterate painlessly. Seamlessly import code, test API endpoints with our integrated Swagger testing environment. Utilize platform APIs, connect functions to web elements, without every worrying about infrastructure or installing anything locally.


Build Execution Search for packages... apollo-cache-inmemory (`1.6.6) apollo-client (`2.6.10) apollo-link-http (`1.5.17) chai (`4.2.0)

Element Factory

Create custom components effortlessly with the Element Factory. Preview developments in real-time using familiar programming languages, and see your work available to use for our community through a centralized library.


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GraphQL Support

Enhance the functionality of your apps with efficient data fetching and integration. Our platform utilizes GraphQL, enabling you to query, filter and sort in the database, optimizing app performance and user experience.



Our platform offers fast low-code app development with easy maintenance. Features include modification ease, updates of any nature, effective management, efficient error handling, and well-documented processes.



Maximize the potential of your application with our platform's scalable architecture. Our technology is engineered to accommodate growing demand while preserving performance, guaranteeing that your app remains a dependable solution for your users.



Our platform offers seamless portability, allowing easy deployment on any platform without sacrificing performance. Empower your organization with the flexibility to choose the best deployment environment for your goals and requirements.