Innovators Unleashed

Limitless power with No Code

Build powerful internal tools without coding. Streamline processes, visualize ideas and bring them to life with our no-code platform

Data Integration

Easily connect and integrate with existing data sources such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, or MS SQL, or effortlessly build a new database visually. Interact with your data through a spreadsheet-like interface without sacrificing the robust capabilities of a relational database.

Visual Plumbing

Create internal workflows and processes with ease. Experience all the building blocks and their connections visually, making it simple for innovators to collaborate and create powerful internal tools with no-code.


Collaborate effortlessly with our low-code platform. Bring together cross-functional teams, developers and non-developers alike, to build powerful workflows, processes and intuitive interfaces. Seamless communication and collaboration, with real-time feedback, streamlines the process and drives efficiency.

Digital Assets in one place

Workflow encapsulation is the digital gold that standardizes automations. These digital assets empower the organization to innovate, reimagine processes and instantaneously respond to an ever-evolving competitive landscape.

Logic-Driven No-Code Functions

Craft logic-rich functions effortlessly with our intuitive no-code interface, automate complex tasks without any coding expertise, for efficient and intuitive application development.

Dynamic Content

The simplicity of a spreadsheet, underpinned by the power of a database’s rich relational model, brings your designs to life!


Maximize your design potential with our powerful integrations. Connect to apps through APIs or seamlessly integrate external applications through our library of plugins.